I got hired at VIPKID!

Hi Everyone!

I just got hired as a teacher with VIPKID. (yay!)

I teach ESL to Chinese kiddos (ages 5-12) and I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

What’s the best thing, is it allows me to set my own schedule and generate income, even outside of the U.S.

What’s the deal?: Teach English from my home online to children living in China! I sing, I dance, I wiggle, I draw…it’s basically a party in my house in the wee hours of the morning. Oh…and you get paid for it.http-%2F%2Fmashable.com%2Fwp-content%2Fgallery%2Fmrs-doubtfires-party-tips%2Fmrs-doubtifire-whazup.gif

Plus I get to play with my Barbies and toys looooonggggg after it has been an appropriate age for me to.  (AND I REGRET NOTHING)

Here is my Application link for VIPKID if you are interested in working from home. Feel free to use it, because if you do, upon getting hired = bonus for YOU & ME!




  • are Native English Speaker
  • Bachelors Degree (No specific major)

So, I thought of some of the questions I had before I started teaching, and I wanted to share them with you guys:


  1. What is the payment? (Aka. Show me the mon-eyyyyy!!)
    – So once you get hired, you are hired as an independent contractor. Per the website your payment or “service fee” is calculated on a per-class basis (scheduled in 30-minute slots) and is composed of a minimum pay between $7-9 + incentives. What does that mean? So each class is a half an hour. To calculate your rate, you take your class “fee”and multiply it by 2 to get your hourly rate. Your hourly rate can range from: $14-$22 USD depending on experience and performance. You will be told your proposed fixed hourly rate before they hire you.- This is the highest hourly rate I have seen for working as an independent contractor for a company teaching ESL
  2. How does the interview work? (Do I have to go to China?)
    – No….don’t worry. Although the company is based out of Beijing, the interview is done online over an online portal.
  3. Where do I have to live?
    – ANYWHERE! That’s right, anywhere in this beautiful planet called earth. You just need to ensure you have a stable internet connection.- This is  a huge pro, as many ESL companies require that you live in the continental U.S.A. or Canada to work.- Currently I live in Peru, and this is working flawlessly. We had to upgrade our internet bandwith, but hey! More Wifi, no problem mon.
  4. How do I get paid? (cha-ching!)
    – You get paid monthly, with a direct deposit to your bank account. For bank accounts in the United States, there is no foreign deposit fee.
  5. Do I have to prepare my own teaching materials?
    – Nope! It’s already prepared for you, and uploaded as a PowerPoint. What you do need to prepare are A FEW toys, and props. Key word…Few. I have a whiteboard, a puppet, and alphabet flashcards. It’s plenty. The dollar store has a bunch of fun stuff for kids. I may or may not also use my barbies that I never threw away. That’s between me and Bing-Bing.
  6. How many hours a week do I have to work?
    – 7.5 hours/week is recommended, but スクリーンショット 2017-09-10 14.45.40not required.
  7. What is the schedule like?
    – You are teaching to kids in China, so you need to teach at peak time for them. That’s 6-10pm, Beijing Time. I work 5am-9am. The first couple of days waking up, is….traumatic. But then you get used to it. The good news is, at 9am, you are done with your work and can get on with your day!
  8. What about taxes?
    – VIPKID doesn’t take out any tax from your pay. If you are a US citizen, you need to submit your taxes independently.  VIPKID will provide 1099s for the full taxable year.


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